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Natural Health and Wellness Articles on Health, Diet, Nutrition and Weight Loss

My name is Allan Wohrnitz and I want to welcome you to THE WELLNESS FOUNDATION a health and wellness website providing natural health and wellness articles and resources for those wanting an alternative, drug-fee solution to their health problems.

I am a nutrition expert and anti-drugs educator in South Africa and my focus is to help people improve and restore their health. I also work extensively in promoting anti-drugs and the dangers of psychiatric drugs to the communities of South Africa.

Below are some health articles on general health, nutrition, diet and weight loss, written by me, to help you improve your health and wellbeing.

Health Articles

What is your ideal state of health
and how do you achieve it?

How do acid and alkaline foods affect your health?

What is a balanced diet and how can you reverse common illnesses?

This health article will give you the basic understanding of how to stay fit and healthy giving you basic health tips on nutrition to prevent disease and illness.

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